Three year old eagle sitting in pine near current nest.

2007 Lake Palestine Nest Updates

Apr 15, 2007
A long day spent with the eagles on a beautiful day in East Texas. The lone baby is now fully covered in feathers and occasionally walking around the nest. In the 7+ hours spent there, no food was brought to the nest, although there was some eating done by the adults on items already at the nest. Twice immature eagles flew into the area to be chased off by an adult after not minding the warning screams that were sent to them. The second time a brief chase could be seen in the field holding last year.s nest. But the third time was the charm, another immature (guessing 3 years old) circled the nest while no adults were nearby and actually landed in a pine tree between the nest and the road. After nervously sitting for 5 minutes, he made one more pass by the nest and flew off. With the baby growing larger, the adults are leaving the area for greater periods of time.
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Apr 5, 2007
Visited the nest on FM 2661 twice, once at 1 PM, and again at 5 PM. First visit, there were two adults in the nest, one feeding the baby, one on alert. On the second visit, observed one adult in the nest, with the baby, and another in the tree nearer the road. The eagle in the tree offered some nice poses. A third eagle approached the nest, carrying what appeared to be a squirrel, but, instead of landing in the nest, lit out of sight to dine alone, I presume. The parent and baby in the nest appeared to be anticipating the other birds return, vocalizing in it's direction, as if calling to it. At one time, the baby climbed onto the side of the nest, as if tempting fate, as young will do! What a breathtaking sight! - Glenn Burleson

Mar 18, 2007
Lots of feeding and flying activity today. One very large fish was seen being brought to the nest. Estimates of it being at least 20 inches by several that witnessed it. Around 1pm an immature flew into the area and the adults loudly protested its arrival. The squawking seemed to be enough to quickly make him leave. A tremendous amount of work was being done on building up at least the front of the nest. There is a very visible difference in the open space between the top of the nest last week and this week. One 6 to 8 foot piece of tree was also seen being flown right over the road and around to the back of the nest. The baby was often visible even to the naked eye while feeding, even once by all three adults at the same time.
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Mar 17, 2007
No sign the eagles were wearing green on this St Patricks day, but one chick did finally peek its whole head over the top of the nest enough for a photo. Most of the day was very quiet with little flying around until near sunset when one eagle flew very low out over the road to get a good look of the few remaining people watching. Then landing in a pine between the road and the nest to pull a stick to bring back to the nest.
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Mar 11, 2007
Lots of fishing today by the eagles. At least 3 times fish were spotted being carried into the nest. Today also marked the first known siting of a baby - briefly showing its head above the nest (see picture). All three eagles were seen at one time in the area, but never all sitting in the nest at the same time.
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Mar 10, 2007
All 3 eagles were seen in the nest together 2 different times for approximately 2 hours. At one point the 3 eagles were circled around what is thought to be at least 1 baby and feeding it, although no baby could be spotted in the nest. One adult was also seen in a pine tree closer to the road gathering a large stick to add to the nest.

Mar 3, 2007
A long day spent at the nest today, more traffic is stopping at the nest with the nicer weather. Lots of activity around the nest and it looks as if there is definitely something hatched in the nest. All 3 adults spent a lot of time in the nest and looking down into the nest at 'something'. Hopefully we will soon be able to see what that something is. Lots of very low flying over our heads. One eagle landed in the field directly next to the nest and collected grasses for a while. A very pleasurable day watching eagles with lots of action.

Feb 26, 2007
Was able to observe the nest for about three hours. Saw all three eagles. One was always in the nest, with one always on guard, sometimes on the branch right next to the nest, and sometimes in a lookout tree across the pasture. When the eagle is ready for a replacement bird, he lets out the most astonishing series of chirping sounds, with the sequence ending with his head pulled back and his beak pointed straight up into the air. Not a high pitched screaming scree, but comparatively soft calling sounds. His replacement always came within just a minute or two. Once two birds swooped into the nest at the same time, and sat together in the nest while the first one flew into the lookout tree and preened for a while before leaving. Once, a single eagle in the nest seemed to be rearranging something in the bottom of the nest with his beak and then sat down again, in a slightly different position. That seems to indicate that there might be eggs still, and no hatchlings. I saw or heard no sounds of newly hatched birds or any feeding behavior. Late afternoon a three or four year old juvenile eagle (judging from the information in the Sibley Bird book, looking at mottled feathers and black eye stripe), flew from an area behind the nest, headed straight for the lake. There was no harassment from the adults when he flew over. All activity occurred between two and five p.m. (report courtesy of Maria Kinsey)
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Feb 21, 2007
Was back by the nest this afternoon and observed two adults in the nest on 2661 sitting in an unusual position, so may be that we have a hatch on one egg and hopefully another is being cared for by the additional adult. The birds did not seem to be feeding nor active so I hope this is a reasonable assumption.

Feb 17, 2007
Quiet around the nest today. Saw 2 of the birds sitting on a branch behind the nest for a period, it might be getting close to the time for the egg or eggs to hatch.

Feb 5, 2007
Today was as pretty a day as I have enjoyed this year at the nest on 2661. Got there about 3:30 and only the bird on the nest was visible, around 3-3:15 I saw a young eaglet (probably last years offspring) fly over the nest. This bird was followed about 10 minutes later by an adult who landed in the lookout tree. This bird was followed about 3 minutes later by another adult bird which landed directly below it in the "lookout tree". There were several flights and flyovers in the next few minutes. The lighting was perfect for photograpy as well as just looking. All major activity happened between 3:00 and 5:00.

Feb 4, 2007
Lots of activitiy of the 3 adults around the nest, at times soaring high above the nest area for long periods. Many trips into the nest with grass and twigs by the birds to fortify.
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Jan 30, 2007
Hi The nest on 2661 was active around 4:00 this afternoon, there were two birds in the nest when I got there with another showing up shortly thereafter. It seems as tho the lookout will be in the larger tree midfield in the adjacent field. Noticed a No Parking sign in front of the house across from the nest, let's all respect the homeowners request for a little respect for his property. The road front west of the nest is seemingly open to parking but I would stay across the road from the nest. The local game warden lives just down the road from the nest and has no sense of humor. Any other reports out there would be appreciated by me. JerryClark

Jan 28, 2007
Nest observed with eagle sitting on the nest for the whole day. For the first time saw the third eagle that was present in previous years also at the nest. In 5 hours of observation, a change to which eagle sat on the nest was not observed. The 2 eagles not on the nest were seen bringing in nesting material several times.

Jan 27, 2007
Eagle spotted sitting in the nest for the first time this year. Second eagle perched on branch just to the side of the nest.
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Dec 31, 2006
A pair of eagles was spotted perched in a tree approximately 100ft south east of the nest. As of yet no activity in the nest as been observed.
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